Taken/Inactive URLs?

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Taken/Inactive URLs?

Postby RikuInfinity on Wed Jul 30, 2014 3:13 pm

Hello, I was looking through the help topics and FAQ and I didn't see anything regarding taken or inactive URLs. The URL I found has only one update and it was back in 2003. I tried emailing the current owner, but the email provided is also inactive. Is there a way that a URL can be transferred to someone else? Thank you!
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Re: Taken/Inactive URLs?

Postby Dr Neo Lao on Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:55 pm

This hasn't come up too often but will become more of an issue as time goes on. Good names get taken and then, as is often the case with webcomics, the account goes inactive.

However, because they are part of a creative work with copyrights involved, the titles (ie domain / url) of the webcomic become part of the comic.

So that would make it rather difficult to pass a url from an old user to a new one.

If you had an exisiting property with the same / similar name then you could file a copyright infringement claim, but your use of the name would have to be older than the url you ar after.

If you've made all attempts to contact the current owner, you could post a "please help" here in the Help Forum (which you've done) and hope an Admin spots it and tries to get in contact with the original owner.

However, if the original user is not contactable or declines to pass it on, then you're out of luck and will need to come up with a new name.
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