[FORUM] Can't register? Here's another hint...

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[FORUM] Can't register? Here's another hint...

Post by STrRedWolf »

Since I've gotten a complaint about not being able to register (and seriously, some of the older folk don't grok memes that fast), I'm adding to the registration question list. But this time, for something everyone can enjoy.

The theme is comics trivia, from newspapers and books primarily, but long-running well-known webcomics can also qualify. The questions are Jeopardy(tm) style, but the answers will be simple (no need for "what is" or "who is"). Some may be a bit obscure, but the hints, and some GoogleFu or Binging around will get you the right answer.

For everyone else, dive into your local comic book store, and get out your tapes of the old Saturday cartoons! I'll take suggestions below. One rule though: DO NOT GIVE ME OR ANYONE ELSE THE ANSWER! Just give me the question here. I reserve the right to delete answers out of any reply so the spambots don't get 'em straight from us.
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Re: [FORUM] Can't register? Here's another hint...

Post by VeryCuddlyCornpone »

Neat idea, Wolfman :) I can't think of anything off the top of my head but will post if I get anything.
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