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by Itlandm
Wed Nov 06, 2002 6:07 am
Forum: Yin & Yang
Topic: I read every Yin & Yang
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I read every Yin & Yang

Because I really like this comic. I've been watching it for months and months, and I'm amazed by the continuing creativity. It really would not need to be nearly so good for me to read it regularly. Characters are varied and interesting. The art is practically overkill for a free web comic, too.
by Itlandm
Wed Aug 21, 2002 10:56 am
Forum: Jackie's Fridge
Topic: Please do.
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Re: Please do.

Hmm. Imagine you live in a country where the government is appointed by some guy which most of the population don't want there and wouldn't vote for if they got the chance. But that's just the way things are, and people wait it out. Then some genius from abroad decides to try to topple the regime by...
by Itlandm
Sat Dec 01, 2001 6:58 am
Forum: A Better Life Than This
Topic: I like Nix
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In fact, I like the whole comic these days. It is fun. Just in case anyone wanted to know ... <IMG SRC="">
But please, don't do anything cruel to Nix.<P>------------------
The were-porcupine cometh! -Got milk?
by Itlandm
Mon Jul 30, 2001 1:31 am
Forum: Brainfries
Topic: Nice piece of (cat) tail
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OK, now I've registered on the Keenspace board just so I could write here. So, uh, obviously I'm new to the forum.<P>I've read the comic before, but only added it to my daily read list after the new improved style. The color really makes a big difference to this comic! But I bet it must take some ti...